Sven Golob: Provider of latitude and space to play
Sven Golob

Room for playful development

Learning can be effortlessly easy! What we need to achieve this is room for manoeuvre.

In my role as a counsellor and facilitator, I support organisations and individuals in developing their potential. My workshops promote equal exchange among participants and enable creative ways of problem solving within a protected framework.

I provide room for experimentation, discovery and development. In doing so, I specifically encourage the use of one's imagination. What results is effortlessly easy learning and enjoyment of one's own progress – for me, in both private and professional relationships.


My range of services is aimed at

Icon: Organisations

In times when organisations have to deal with uncertainty, it is not better plans that help, but better communication. I help teams bring all their available knowledge to the table and make it accessible for finding solutions.

My range of services for organisations

  • Team development
  • Organisational development
  • Designing change
  • Dealing with crises

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Icon: Individuals

Sometimes it takes neutral support to adapt to new situations. As a counsellor, I will support you in times when living conditions radically change, when there is a need to overcome stuck thought patterns and re-calibrate old role models.

My range of services for individuals

  • Advice and support
  • Shaping a self-aware life
  • Designing equal relationships
  • (Forms of) masculinity in the 21st century

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Sven Golob
About me

A fine guy. With many facets.

Allow me to introduce myself, Sven Golob – silent thinker, attentive sparring partner and facilitator of playful development. I love building bridges between theories and methods in order to walk along them together with people who want to make change. This is why I have been working as a freelance counsellor, facilitator and coach since 2017.

I want to support change, promote equality and be a companion in learning on the path to the design of successful relationships. This much is certain: there is a lot of untapped potential in every person.

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Let's make a difference together!

It is often not the what but the how that makes the crucial difference. There are different approaches to accompanying change. However, the best results can undoubtedly be achieved if all those involved actively participate in the process.

This is why one-sided lectures and discussions in which only the loudest are heard often do not lead to the desired success. In my workshops, I throw out outdated strategies out of the window and rely on modern methods.

Lego brick

How can I explain abstract thoughts when I lack the words? As a certified facilitator for the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, I support people in making their inner images speak and experiencing communication together.

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Speech bubble

Transactional analysis is a socio-psychological theory that enables people's behaviour and their inclusion in groups to be described and changed. As a TA Counsellor (DGTA), I use its models to support functional and mutually beneficial relationships.

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Liberating Structures are a collection of working methods that promote lively and productive co-creation. Unlike hierarchical structures, they create a safe environment in which everyone has the opportunity to get involved.

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