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More room for collaboration

A lack of team spirit and internal conflicts are among the biggest hidden obstacles to productivity. It is therefore not better plans that organisations need in order to achieve their goals. Rather, they need better communication.

In my workshops, I support organisations and teams in developing a sustainable culture of togetherness and cooperation. With the help of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, what previously seemed impossible succeeds: involving everyone and encouraging them to take more responsibility in their everyday work.

It is obvious: we only solve complex problems if everyone involved participates.


Workshop themes

    Team building

Team building

Why are we needed? What are our most important competencies, and where is there a need for improvement? What contribution can each and every one of us make? In my workshops, I turn a group of people into a well-oiled team. I help them develop a common understanding of themselves and show ways of collaborating.

The playful approach of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method creates psychological security as well as serious connections between the team members, and motivates them to solve problems together.

    Strategic development

Strategic development

In times when organisations have to deal with uncertainty, unpredictability and an inability to plan, there is a need for managers who make principle-based decisions. I help organisations develop meaningful business strategies that do justice to the complex reality. To achieve this, I mobilise the potential of the participants in a targeted manner.

My workshops harness everyone's creativity in order to find guidance and realistic solution scenarios in a complex world. I provide room to develop and to try out new ideas.


What can i do to boost your success?

Do you want to enable your employees to grow together? Then let's take action now! During a free initial consultation, we will put our heads together, define the requirements for the workshop, and clarify all outstanding questions. The event itself will last one and a half to two days. The successes will be noticeable for a long time to come.

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A fertile basis for change

Think play is something for children? Certainly not! Adults also find it much easier to acquire knowledge, skills and insights with the help of playful activities. This promotes interaction and the use of one's imagination, and encourages people to overcome their conventional thought patterns. This is not only fun, but also effective and sustainable.

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method takes advantage of the principles of play. It helps people bring abstract ideas to the table and discuss them together. In my workshops, the participants develop new business strategies, develop creative concepts for solutions, and grow together as a team. In just 1–2 training days, we achieve far more than in a year of laborious team development work.

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