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Transactional analysis

Positive communication

Dealing with people is an art in itself. With transactional analysis, I have a useful repertoire of tools for my work. The theory enables me to support people in their individual development and in attaining a successful form of relationship design.

As a TA Counsellor (DGTA), I use the models and methods of transactional analysis to initiate personal and professional growth in a targeted manner. Due to my professional attitude and trained intuition, I offer protection and encouragement.

I am ok. You are ok.

What is transactional analysis?

Transactional analysis is a socio-psychological theory that, in addition to its descriptive function, also demonstrates concrete courses of action for practical application. It deals with the question: Why do people feel, think and behave the way they do?

It is all about the exchange of units of communication, so-called transactions. However, this is not intended to mean only language itself, but also factors such as gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Transactional analysis shows how positive communication can influence the personal development of individuals and their inclusion in teams. This is what makes it so valuable for my work as a coach and facilitator.

Transactional analysis is:

  • Dialogue-based
  • Person-focused
  • Appreciative

Transactional analysis in practice

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How do people succeed in working as a team? Many managers have already racked their brains over this question. Transactional analysis provides an answer that not only sounds promising, but actually works.

Instead of optimising work processes down to the smallest detail and investing in feel-good measures such as foosball tables and meditation rooms, the necessary foundation is first laid on an interpersonal level: transactional analysis helps to establish a cooperative and appreciative form of relationship design in the workplace.

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Every human being can change. The question is not whether, but how. Based on the strengths and competencies of the individual, transactional analysisem> opens up new options for behaviour and action that can be specifically applied in everyday life.

The basis for this is a positive attitude towards oneself and others. In joint meetings, we talk about worries and doubts, reflect on events in the histories of our lives and design development processes in line with our own wishes. I do not force, but offer support in successfully mastering everyday problems.

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Five golden modes
Functional Fluency and TIFF©

Effective Communication

Everyone can influence the course and outcome of situations through their behavior. The concept of Functional Fluency helps individuals, teams and organizations to use their communicative energy effectively. It originates from transactional analysis.

Five Golden Modes

The TIFF© questionnaire (Temple Index of Functional Fluency) can measure the expression of five key behaviors (modes) available to all people. This helps us to recognize the extent to which we success­fully take on social responsibility, realize our­selves, and assess reality.

As a licensed TIFF© provider, I assist you in identifying unused potentials in communication. Together, we develop effective strategies to strengthen relation­ships in a professional context and enhance your leader­ship and negotiation skills. Upon request, I design a work­shop for your team based on the results of individual TIFF© questionnaires.